Perkins Diesel
  • 5HP to 2,600HP
  • Marine
  • Power Generation
  • Industrial
  • Transport
  • Agricultural


Perkins is synonymous with toughness, ruggedness and reliability. Many people will tell you that “You can’t kill a Perkins engine”.

CHES Diesel & Marine Services is an authorised Perkins Parts & Service Dealer since 1979. Our fully equipped workshop can rebuild your engine using only genuine Perkins products. All rebuilt engines carry our full 6 months 250 hrs unconditional warranty. We also offer onsite repairs, servicing, diagnosis and a full range of genuine Perkins parts.

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Perkins M265Ti
(Leisure Application)

This 6 cylinder Turbocharged Aftercooled Marine Diesel, rated 265hp (195kw) @ 2,500 RPM, was developed from the highly acclaimed on-highway engine meeting Euro 1 and US Federal 1994 emissions legislation.

The Perkins FASTRAM combustion system gives highly controlled fuel and air mixing for a cleaner burn - fuel savings in excess of 10% over high revving competitive models. Piston rings are pressure balanced to achieve a more positive seal and minimising blow-by. The closed breather system prevents blow-by emissions to the atmosphere reducing hydro carbons and particulates.